King's Piano Course

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Learn to play piano in this comprehensive online course.  ​

The King's Piano Course is designed to take you from being a complete beginner to playing songs by ear, accompanying on piano, and writing your own music in as little as 60 days. And it's all done with Piano Tab!
KING'S PIANO COURSE VIDEO LESSONS 64 total lessons divided into 8 Modules. Each Module covers a different major topic inculding: The Basics, Scales, Chords, Diatonic Chords, Chord Progressions, Voicing, Left Hand Techniques, and Right Hand Techniques!
PDF WORKSHEETS WITH PIANO TAB EXERCISES Each lesson contains a PDF worksheet that explains the concepts taught in the video lesson in extensive detail. You'll also get specialized examples and exercises written in Piano Tab to get your fingers and your mind doing a workout on the keys!
WORKBOOK:  This workbook contains over 120 color pages of worksheets and course material from each and every lesson. No need to print out the PDFs...this beautiful spiral bound book keeps all of the course material in one place for easy reference and note taking!
POSTER - THE PERIODIC TABLE OF MUSIC: This Poster contains all the music theory you'll need for the course! All of the course material will culminate and come together in Module 4 Lesson 7: The Periodic Table of Music. This poster will come in handy as an invaluable reference once you learn to play songs by ear!
EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP Ask questions for each lesson and see what other students are asking. This Facebook page allows you to post questions and comments for each lesson, meet other musicians, and discuss all things piano! Video discussions and answers to questions will also reside here. Email is always an option as well!